Noga's knowledge of yoga poses, optimal anatomical alignments and beneficial sequencing ensures high quality classes and workshops. With a dash of humour and lots of positive encouragement, Noga leads the students through a fun and challenging practice that helps them progress safely.

Noga believes that everyone can practice advanced poses like arm balances from the start of their practice. People simultaneously develop and grow on parallel levels, for example, as the heart and circulation gets stronger from sun salutations, the legs strengthen during standing poses and the shoulders develop the stability needed for a hand stand.  Once stability and strength starts to develop, arm balances can either become part of the vinyasa session or practiced as a complete separate class or workshop. 

Arm balance practice starts with both feet on the ground, and gradually evolves to a split second with one or both feet in the air. That moment of hovering the feet off the ground gets longer and longer, eventually making those fun-but-tricky poses more sustainable and accessible for all.