"One of the very best yoga teachers on the island. Noga's economical use of speaking is a perfect balance and the best of any instructor I have had. When she speaks, its important, insightful and helpful – nothing extraneous. Each class contains at least one ultra-helpful nugget that will stay with you always. Caring, intelligent, learned and compassionate."

Michael MIkaku Doliveck
Owner, Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat
Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia

"Beautifully led classes that nourish and inspire mind body and soul! Guiding a deep and grounding asana practice, filled with fun and play ,whilst weaving philosophical story telling through the class! Always so humble, present and inspiring. Your passion and devotion is so inspiring Noga!"

Zoe Nash, Acupuncturist, UK

"One of the most inspiring and passionate teachers I' ve ever had. It's one thing to learn asanas it's another thing to have space to feel and BE. Noga has so many different ways of reminding us of that precious space. Her classes are simply 'waowwww'!"

Pelin Turgut, Switzerland

"I completed my first ever balance alone pincha mayurasana (forearm balance) in a class with Noga. I was so shocked and surprised to be up there effortlessly and easily balancing but the reason for it was clear to me afterwards. Noga's thoughtful, strong and  intelligent sequencing prepared me perfectly - all the right places in both my mind and body had been carefully primed for that moment which, in her beautifully casually kind way she enthusiastically celebrated with me later. Noga-Yoga is simply lovely."

Mira Rao, Perth, Australia

"Noga is a truly inspiring teacher (both on and off the mat). I've undertaken numerous classes with her in Bali, including sun salutation marathons, arm balance, vinyassa, beginners and restorative classes. I'd often take her beginners classes (despite having many of practice behind me) because I'd always learn something new. I have so many fond memories from Noga's classes, she helped to revolutionise my Ustrasana, left me on the biggest yoga high after 108 marathons and I always have a laugh about the time we tied our hands together in reverse namaskar, so many great times. If you ever get the chance to take a class with Noga, go for it, you won't regret it."

Mandy Habener
Owner of waSUp Yoga & Fitness
Melbourne, Australia

"Taking class with Noga is always an absolute joy and an absolutely worthy practice in learning and discovering. Her knowledge and manner continuously lead me to both bliss and fear presences in my body, challenging me in healthy and safe ways and activating all of my strengths. Her tone and approach to each class demonstrates that yoga is not just a class but a complete practice in fun, humility and individual power. I feel grateful for and blessed by her guidance and presence after every class."

Karen Durham, New York, USA

"I couldn't recommend Noga more highly . Her classes are always something i look forward to and you leave with not only a sense of peace but one of achievement. Her instructions are precise and helpful and always with a smile. Terrific teacher and lovely lady"

Garry Abbott, Bristol, UK

"Attending Noga's classes is always fun, you learn posture, you learn inversion tricks, but more than that you learn how to appreciate your own body, you learn how to make fun of yourself, and sometimes you even get to see her make fun of herself. One of the most genuine teachers i've met. You attend her class and you see without a doubt she loves what she's doing." 

Brenda Vargas, Singapore

"Noga is my all-time favorite yoga teacher. Her teaching skills, knowlege and talent are of the highest level as well as her beautiful character and aura. Her classes are really for everyone whether beginner or advanced. I believe that it is not possible to be too advanced for Noga's classes as you will learn and refine or correct your poses. Her methodology and teaching focus on correctly doing poses (and why) and safely. She teaches such excellent stuff on "how" to make a challenging pose easy to do and its highly retainable. When it has been learnt from Noga you can be confident."

Brenda Bircher, British Columbia

"Noga is my absolute favorite yoga teacher on this planet. She brings a type of mindfulness and intention to every yoga class that makes me feel incredibly present. The fact that she allows herself to be vulnerable by either sharing her struggles with certain arm balances or even the patience she must practice as a mother really makes her a beautiful human being above anything else. She's not just an incredible yoga teacher, but she makes her students feel that they are part of a family even if it's just for 90 minutes. I couldn't thank you more for all that I learned during my time spent in Bali. P.S. She coined one of my favorite yogi phrases, "If this pose is feeling yummy to you then..." fabulous. Noga-Yoga Bali you are loved and appreciated by so many people all over the world. If you're lucky enough to take her class, don't hesitate. You won't regret it."

Chinny Okpara, California, USA

"You can't miss Noga's passion and love for yoga, her instructions are super clear and her approach is modest and mindful. You come out of a class with a calm body and mind, and a big smile."

Alit Bar-Sadeh
Owner of Yoga Smile
Tel-Aviv, Israel

"Noga has an incredible way of blending challenging asana and extreme levity. She makes yoga welcoming, while guiding you through some of the most vigorous and difficult poses with ease. She is talented, structured and knowledgable. Her classes are a product of years of experience."

Daniel Buchalter, New York, USA