A key aspect of Hatha yoga is to remain humble, move and grow slowly and mindfully. The hatha practice is ideal for beginners however has the ability to access a deep journey for any advanced practitioner. In these sessions Noga gives great attention to the details of your practice, both in the physical level of the yoga asana (pose), the breath guidance and the awareness of the mind. With this kind of focus, you are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of the poses and sequences as well as the meditative aspect. You are given valuable information and confidence to find your own personal yoga path.

Noga has a special ability to draw people into their own love affair with yoga. Students agree, their growth and passion would not be the same without her guidance.

The session includes setting up a meditative state, a practice of mindful meditation, followed by a physical asana practice of sun salutations, standing and seated poses, inversions and final relaxation. 

Noga always ensures variations are given to suit every level. She believes everyone can do yoga but each individual comes from a different perspective. Each time you step on the mat is a unique experience and should not be taken for granted. Whether you are just starting out or after years of practice - you can always benefit from reevaluating your present condition.