Teaching Yoga has chosen Noga in every place she has lived in since she finished her B.Ed in 2006. Her passion for movement, her curiosity about anatomy and kinesiology and her intuitive performance skills were a natural fit for a Dance and Physical Theatre major in university.

Little did she know what an incredible foundation these studies would make for her path today. Her foundational studies coupled with over a decades of practice and continued study is uniquely expressed in her yoga teaching philosophy.

Noga has been a passionate Iyengar yoga practitioner since 1998. Fresh out of Uni she was fortunate to be able to express her passion as a kids and babies yoga teacher in an international center in Chennai, India. There, she met her Hatha teacher Sundar, who inspired her to combine yoga with creative movement. She also met her future husband who eventually brought her to live in his home country of Indonesia.

Together they have lived in Thailand, Israel and Australia before settling down in Bali in 2009, where they live with their 3 children. Noga can be found teaching in Bali, Indonesia, and she is also available for workshops and classes world wide – please contact her for further information.